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Osteopathy Clinic Eastbourne

If you have joint pain, impaired movement or a muscle injury, Osteopath Steve Crossley is here to help.

Known affectionately as “The Back Mechanic”, Steve has been helping patients in Eastbourne for over 30 years.

The aim is to get you moving again. Steve has a deep understanding of how the body is connected and is intended to move. Osteopathy helps to address the blocks, whether stiffness or injury to improve movement and relieve your pain.

An initial Osteopathy Consultation will let you better understand what is causing your pain and how the treatment will help.

Steve includes treatment with the first consultation with the aim to have you walking out more freely than when you walked in.

Common conditions treated:

– Back Pain
– Neck Pain
– Frozen Shoulder
– Tennis Elbow
– Nerve Pain
– Sports injuries
– Arthritic joints

Eastbourne Osteopathy: If you are in pain or need help, call now and book a first consultation.

First Consultation £95
Follow up appointments: £75

Tel: 01323 647711